UiT Machine Learning Group

Pushing the frontier

Powered by the cool Arctic air, and located at 70° north, the core strength of the Machine Learning Group at UiT The Arctic University of Norway is in basic research for advancing statistical machine learning & AI methodology to face the societal and industrial data-driven challenges of the future.

We publish in CVPR, AAAI, ECCV, IEEE TPAMI, IEEE TNNLS, MICCAI, Medical Image Analysis, to name a few.

We head SFI Visual Intelligence, a Centre for Research-based Innovation funded by the Research Council of Norway and consortium partners.

The UiT Machine Learning Group is hosting the annual Northern Lights Deep Learning Workshop. Please see: nldl.org


  • We are hiring extensively! The current positions are part of a project granted as an interdisciplinary initiative to support the strategy of UiT. The project is called "Consortium for Patient-Oriented AI" and will act in synergy with our big centre for research-based innovation Visual Intelligence which is rooted in the UiT Machine Learning Group. For more information about the positions, please see here, here, and here. The deadline for the first two positions is July 20th, and for the third July 29th.

  • Robert Jenssen gave an overview of the priorities and activities of Visual Intelligence for health research for the Board of the Northern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Nord).

  • New paper at CVPR: Reconsidering Representation Alignment for Multi-view Clustering (25% acceptance rate).

  • Professor Robert Jenssen guest at the new podcast series from Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (NORA), "NORA forklarer kunstig intelligens". Go to podcast page.

  • Michael Kampffmeyer from the UiT Machine Learning Group awarded FRIPRO grant (ground breaking research) from the Research Council of Norway!

  • New paper at AAAI: Measuring Dependence with Matrix-based Entropy Functional (21% acceptance rate).

  • New paper! A novel Dissimilarity Measure for Prototypical Few-Show Learning Networks accepted for ECCV.